2020 0h What a Drama

We started the year with great things in mind and a full diary of weddings. Little did we know what was in store.

The Corona Virus hit us and everything was cancelled. Our couples were devastated as were thousands of couples planning their big day all over the world. Plans were cancelled and everyone stayed at home. Planning was put on hold some couples re booked their day and had to rebook again and again. We have managed to reschedule everyone although our diary was quite full already. Some postponed to spring 2021 and then because the virus is back on the rise have postponed again, some to 2022. Others postponed to summer and autumn 2021 and we shall keep out fingers crossed.

One or two of our couples just wanted to get married and went with either the rule of 30 or 15 depending when they tied the knot. Some were able to have a small reception others were only allowed a ceremony.

One thing was for sure priorities have changed. There were those that want the big wedding and a party, with all of their family and friends around who will wait until we have all been vaccinated. Those who decided that a small intimate wedding was the way forward went ahead when they could. Then those who have done the small intimate wedding and will have a party at a later date.

Some of the brides have worn their dresses and others who are keeping it for the big celebration later. Maybe a church blessing or a wedding celebrant for a very special kind of ceremony www.cpcelebrant.co.uk

We have been there for all of our couples and rescheduled dozens of dates. Today I looked back to see how many couples we have been able to arrange flowers for during 2020 and discovered 12. We started the year with Wendy and Tony at www.brinkburnnorthumberland.com and ended on 23rd December with kate and John at www.eshotthall.co.uk

Now we are approaching the end of the year, we are looking forward to planning with all of our 2021 and 2022 couples as well as those newly engaged couples who are just at the start of their wedding journey.