Its the little things

A few bits and pieces from last year just came to mind.  Its the little details that make a big impression.  Pretty chair decoration, a mini Sunflower button hole and a picture frame with fresh flowers as a table name with flowers in a glass tube.  The new wedding season is under way and our thoughts are popping around thinking of different ideas for our wedding fairs.  Two to look out for in March: Doxford Barns and The Town Hall in Morpeth, both on the 18th March, watch this space as I divide myself in two.

Happy New Year 2018

The new wedding season is about to begin there are so many exciting things to explore.  All of the venues are getting ready to show their newly engaged couples around their properties.  Everywhere there is a fresh lick of paint and a general spring clean.

Here at Lavenders Blue headquarters we are tidying our shelves and sorting out the huge box of ribbon that insists it has to be unruly all of the time.  All of the christmas containers are away for a few months, along with red candles and christmas ribbon from the workshops.  The vases are all washed and put back in their boxes.IMG_3580

Picture courtesy of Matt Ethan Photography.

We have an exciting couple of months ahead with venue open days to prepare for and the first wedding of the year only three days away.  The van has had a service and a new set of tyres.  So lets begin 2018 we look forward to chatting all things floral, come and see us at one of the open days.  If i am  not there the flowers will be and you can always give me a call 07890745001

Looking forward to meeting you at:

Doxford Barns 18th March 2018

Town Hall Morpeth 18th March 2018

Brinkburn Northumberland 14/15th April 2018



First weekend of spring

Just a simple wedding bouquet the smell is amazing.  Just imagine close your eyes and try and visualise the individual flowers, Hyacinth, Peony, Freesia and David Austin Juliette Roses all scented.  The addition of a little Viburnum Opulus, Euphorbia Fulgens and garden foliage.  Here we have dried lavender and Rosemary along with Freesia and mint leaves.





March weddings

Don’t you love flowers in season!


Spring flowers are in abundance Tulip in many colours which have caused great controversy over the years, delicate blue or white Muscari otherwise known as the Grape Hyacinth, then of course there is the majestic Daffodil.  Added to gorgeous bouquets of roses, ranunculus and scented foliage maybe eucalyptus or Olive for a delicate grey hue.  Spring flowers added to simply decorated jars or a jug show them off to their best advantage.  Add in a log slice or two some terracotta pots and some tea lights, table centres sorted.  Simple Tulip bouquets for bridesmaids and mini daffodil button holes tied with twine for the men.  What about the bride?  the addition of a scented Rose, Muscari, and Eucalyptus along with the tulip especially if its a double, twice as many petals and quite beautiful.378.JPG