living in strange times

Here we are in May 2020 and who would have thought we would be in week 7 of lock down Britain. It is surreal and somehow we are all in our own little bubbles. We are all taking stock and coming to terms with a slower pace of life which can only be a good thing. No family visits and infrequent shopping for essentials has become the norm.

The majority of out weddings up until mid August at the moment are postponed many to 2021 some to later in the year. Some couples are holding out to see what happens next before they make a decision. Its all very unsettling for everyone but as long as we are all safe that is the main thing. Wedding venues in the main have been so supportive as have wedding suppliers. Weddings will happen again and when they do they will be all the more special and even more magical. Wedding dresses will be chosen, cakes will be tasted, you may choose a celebrant to conduct your ceremony whatever you do we will be by your side as your wedding florist.

My storage shed is tidy and my house has no dust!!! I have been able to do yoga every day with the lovely Jo from which has been amazing. My knitting collection has grown 7 jumpers for little people so far (7 grandchildren all under 6) so small garments. All of my lovely wool from http://www.facebook/closeknitmorpethwoolshop.

When you are used to handling flowers on a daily basis and have done for over 30 years its hard to resist even the humble dandelion to arrange in a vase. I have a vase of garden foliage and no flowers in the house it is very pretty, you can do so much with foliage.

This Sunday 10th May is Garden day which is a community initiative encouraging everyone to enjoy their gardens. Down tools, make a flower crown, have a glass of fizz or a cup of tea and celebrate the beauty of your garden, window box, or even your house plants This weekend the forecast is a little cooler you may have to put on your coat.

Woodland walks have become a daily ritual we are so lucky to live where we do but today I notice quite a lot more traffic out there, people you just need to stay at home #stayhome We have seen so much wildlife, birds, deer, rabbits but not a squirrel to be seen. We have the nightly visit from our resident hedgehog.

So looking to Boris, to see this weekends announcement and hopefully everyone will do as they are advised, for the good of the country.

Stay safe.


A few gathered together flowers

Whether decorating a grand venue or simply just a few flowers for your own home, flowers give pleasure. Take a handful of mis matched vases, bottles and even tin cans and fill them with your favourite bits and pieces from the garden.
Here at we love to put simple things together for a stunning effect
The above flowers were for a 21st birthday party. We filled out mis matched vases with mini Daffodils, Tulips, Ranunculus, Gerbera, Stock and Agapanthus. Then we added loose foliage to the shelf below with some mini fairy lights.
We filled our tin cans with succulents. The tin cans were just decorated with labels printed off an internet free site and were very effective.
This effect looks very pretty down the centre of long tables for a wedding breakfast. And even more pretty along the front of the top table. Choosing your favourite blooms or leaving it to us to choose the combination.
Happy arranging.

Be my Valentine

Valentines day how and why?
I Just took a look around the internet for some information, what did we do with out it?
St Valentines Day originated as a spring festival called Lupercalia during Roman times which included men and women being paired up by lottery and fertility rights. It was changed to St Valentines Day at the end of the 5th century by Pope Gelasius.
Today we give cards, gifts, flowers, we go out for dinner or head off for romantic weekends away. There are of course all of the exciting marriage proposals too.
If you are buying flowers this Valentines Day use your local florist you will find them listed on line if you do a search. There are lots of on line order gatherers out there ready to take you money but find a local florist on the high street or working from a studio and give them a call they will be able to advise you as to the best option for your budget you will get so much more for your money.
You don’t need to buy Red Roses if your budget doesn’t allow just order a mixed bouquet or a scented spring posy.
Here at Lavenders Blue we specialise in wedding flowers as well as parties and corporate events, we don’t do individual bouquets, but if you do propose this year or you are proposed too then give us a call about flowers for your wedding.
Happy Valentines Day.

Happy New year.

Where have the last 10 years gone I ask myself. 2019 has been a busy year working with lots of excited couples planning their big day. The venues are ever evolving and making little changes to make them selves stand out from the crowd.

Here at lavenders Blue we hope to stand out from the crowd too with our attention to details and love of what we do. The last 10 years have seen some big changes, tomorrow its 3 years since we closed our shop and we haven’t looked back since. Concentrating on wedding and event flowers as well as a few floral demonstrations.

We have been to the wind swept and rugged Scottish highlands, over into beautiful Cumbria and down into rural Yorkshire. we have chatted all things floral with the ladies from many flower clubs and met some very talented people of the flower world. In 2020 we will be visiting the tip of Scotland when we take a trip to see the ladies in Thurso and will take the opportunity to drive the 500 round the tip of Scotland. All for the love of flowers. Our diary is almost full of weddings for 2020 its going to be such an exciting year.

We have a new set of wheels for 2020 too, a higher roof so we can transport our ever growing selection of Bay trees every year they get taller. We have chosen a Bee as our logo especially poignant in the flower world. With a special thank you to James at Spotty Dog Signs in Morpeth.

So watch this space as we go into a new decade, hopefully I can do more than one post a year. New years resolution be more organised!!

Happy New year.


Simple table settings are pretty and interesting. It’s important to pay attention to the detail. Little potted plants can be incorporated then taken home by guests as a little memento of the day.

Choose plants which will give pleasure year after year. Potted bulbs, foliage plants, herbs and succulents.

We will be out and about over the next couple of weeks with lots of pretty blooms to show come along and have a catch up. We are always ready to chat all things flower and pretty.

Sunday 17th February Doxford Barns

Sunday 17th February Holiday Inn Seaton Burn

Saturday and Sunday 23/24th February Brinkburn Northumberland.