RQ 049Have you thought about how your flowers will smell. Flowers all have their own unique character, some look beautiful some not so much. Some have the most amazing scent others not.

You may like to consider herbs and foliage they all have a meaning in the language of flowers and foliage. A little rosemary for remembrance, Thyme for strength and courage, lavender for devotion and Virtue. There is always Myrtle too the small leaved plant which features in all royal bouquets and is the emblem of marriage and true love.

Gorgeous scented Roses, Freesia, Lily of the Valley, Stock and Sweet Pea, the little scented spring narcissus too.

Dried plant material, Lavender, Wheat and seed heads give structure and a little textural interest.

Winter foliage has a scent of its own the fresh pines and the rustic mosses.

A huge variety of succulents and air plants too.

Here at Lavenders Blue we have always arranged with fresh flowers but if you have a flower which you must have and is either not in season or just to delicate to use we can add it in a silk form. Mixed with fresh flowers and foliage it can blend in.

The colour palette of green and ivory or grey and ivory is very pretty.  The addition of a little colour as an accent need not be a flower it could be a different texture or colour of foliage. Tropical flowers such as Ginger, Bird of paradise and Orchids are all very vibrant alternatives.