Here we are at the start of 2023. Wedding season has not begun but plans and preparations are always in the background. How many weddings will we do this year? How long is a piece of string! There is generally only one wedding per weekend and maybe a mid week too depending on the size and the amount of work involved.

We strive to make your day as smooth as possible as far as florals go. From the first e.mail or call to the collection of all of the hired items the day after the wedding and sometimes beyond. Flowers are a mine field of colour, style, size and shape of the design but we are here to help guide you through that.

Sometimes it is easier to choose a style and let us work our magic fitting in flowers to suit the look, your budget and your colour pallet. This year more than any other when our purse strings are pulled tight things are all a little difficult. Flower costs are higher than I have ever know them to be in all my 30 years working in this creative industry. That said we are a creative bunch excuse the pun and can advise what would work to achieve your desired look. As far as costs go we all have to be a little open minded. Flowers are shipped in from all over the world and the high cost of fuel has impacted on that as well as more recently the high cost of gas and oil to heat and light greenhouses has impacted severely. We have British grown but that does not take us all the way through the year and sometimes what we want has to come from further afield. There are not enough British flowers to go round unfortunately.

Don’t dismiss the cost at the first hurdle come back and chat about it. There might be something we can help with. You are not just paying for florals you are also getting our expertise, our skill and know how collected together over many years. Many hours of working time, ordering, collecting and conditioning your flowers before we even start to arrange them. Then there is the on the day delivery and set up liaising with the venue and cake person. Checking in with the photographer/videographer for positioning of church/ceremony flowers so that they can get the best images on the day and the florals don’t obscure that. We have over heads and bills to pay just like the guy who services your car. Servicing, tyres, fuel, breakdown cover and vehicle insurance, workshop and office costs as well as public liability insurance which most venues ask for. Then we take a wage.

Repurposing florals from ceremony to reception is especially cost effective. There will be a charge for your florist to do that as they will have to give up their time to stay at the venue sometimes for two or three hours extra or come back and rearrange. It is worth that little extra for the peace of mind that everything is in the correct place at the right time and didn’t get dropped or damaged on route. We do this regularly its not a job for the groomsmen. Bridesmaids florals can be used as table centres, added to the top table, table plan or other tables around the room such as a guest book or card and gift table etc. Every little helps.

We are also well connected so can recommend suppliers we work with regularly such as photographers, cake makers, celebrants, dress and suit companies, hair and make up. This can be especially helpful if you are from outside of the area.

Florals can transform your venue from ordinary to extraordinary. Just simple placements of a few vases in strategic places makes a world of difference.

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