living in strange times

Here we are in May 2020 and who would have thought we would be in week 7 of lock down Britain. It is surreal and somehow we are all in our own little bubbles. We are all taking stock and coming to terms with a slower pace of life which can only be a good thing. No family visits and infrequent shopping for essentials has become the norm.

The majority of out weddings up until mid August at the moment are postponed many to 2021 some to later in the year. Some couples are holding out to see what happens next before they make a decision. Its all very unsettling for everyone but as long as we are all safe that is the main thing. Wedding venues in the main have been so supportive as have wedding suppliers. Weddings will happen again and when they do they will be all the more special and even more magical. Wedding dresses will be chosen, cakes will be tasted, you may choose a celebrant to conduct your ceremony whatever you do we will be by your side as your wedding florist.

My storage shed is tidy and my house has no dust!!! I have been able to do yoga every day with the lovely Jo from which has been amazing. My knitting collection has grown 7 jumpers for little people so far (7 grandchildren all under 6) so small garments. All of my lovely wool from http://www.facebook/closeknitmorpethwoolshop.

When you are used to handling flowers on a daily basis and have done for over 30 years its hard to resist even the humble dandelion to arrange in a vase. I have a vase of garden foliage and no flowers in the house it is very pretty, you can do so much with foliage.

This Sunday 10th May is Garden day which is a community initiative encouraging everyone to enjoy their gardens. Down tools, make a flower crown, have a glass of fizz or a cup of tea and celebrate the beauty of your garden, window box, or even your house plants This weekend the forecast is a little cooler you may have to put on your coat.

Woodland walks have become a daily ritual we are so lucky to live where we do but today I notice quite a lot more traffic out there, people you just need to stay at home #stayhome We have seen so much wildlife, birds, deer, rabbits but not a squirrel to be seen. We have the nightly visit from our resident hedgehog.

So looking to Boris, to see this weekends announcement and hopefully everyone will do as they are advised, for the good of the country.

Stay safe.

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