A few gathered together flowers

Whether decorating a grand venue or simply just a few flowers for your own home, flowers give pleasure. Take a handful of mis matched vases, bottles and even tin cans and fill them with your favourite bits and pieces from the garden.
Here at http://www.lavendersblueflowers.blog we love to put simple things together for a stunning effect
The above flowers were for a 21st birthday party. We filled out mis matched vases with mini Daffodils, Tulips, Ranunculus, Gerbera, Stock and Agapanthus. Then we added loose foliage to the shelf below with some mini fairy lights.
We filled our tin cans with succulents. The tin cans were just decorated with labels printed off an internet free site and were very effective.
This effect looks very pretty down the centre of long tables for a wedding breakfast. And even more pretty along the front of the top table. Choosing your favourite blooms or leaving it to us to choose the combination.
Happy arranging.

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