The elements




We battle with many things as a wedding florist, flowers, foliage, getting the timings of opening flowers correct, the heat, the cold and the logistics of weather.  Last week we were met by the ‘Beast from the East’ and it was not to be under estimated

We only had one wedding last week fortunately, on Wednesday.  We were due at the beautiful Eshott Hall in Northumbetlnad at around 11am.  The snow over night was heavy and as the morning went on it gathered pace.

Our flower delivery consisted of beautiful white Norma Jeane Roses and Freesia for the bride, lots of little cut glass vases containing the same flowers along with a little Gypsophelia and Eucalytus.  We had two large vases of flowers and a couple of candelabra with gorgeous blush candles for a small intimate wedding of 14 guests.

Delivery had to be by car as the snow got heavier and heavier, we set off and within 30 minutes were well and truly in a snow drift, about an hour and a half later we were still digging in blizzard and white out conditions!  Disaster.  A phone call to the hotel do you have a 4×4 that can come to our rescue?  Then both of our mobile phones died (apparently lithium batteries do not like the cold!).  10 minutes later we heard an engine approaching how pleased were we.  It was Sean the gardener  he arrived with his quad, a shovel and a tow rope and within 15 minutes we were out.  I had had visions of ploughing through the fields with the brides bouquet above my head!!  Crisis averted.

it snowed heavy for the next four hours, the wedding ceremony took place, the hair and make up girls left in a 4×4 and we waited for the ceremony to end and Sean to attach the plough to the front of the quad.  We left in a convoy with Sean at the front, the registrars had left their cars by the A1 we gave them a lift to be duly re United with their vehicles.  The few guests that arrived and the bride and groom had to stay an extra night as well as the skeleton staff.  They were well and truly snowed in.  With many thanks to the Eshott Hall team and all of the fantastic proffesionals who turned up to make a very special couples day become a reality.


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