March weddings

Don’t you love flowers in season!


Spring flowers are in abundance Tulip in many colours which have caused great controversy over the years, delicate blue or white Muscari otherwise known as the Grape Hyacinth, then of course there is the majestic Daffodil.  Added to gorgeous bouquets of roses, ranunculus and scented foliage maybe eucalyptus or Olive for a delicate grey hue.  Spring flowers added to simply decorated jars or a jug show them off to their best advantage.  Add in a log slice or two some terracotta pots and some tea lights, table centres sorted.  Simple Tulip bouquets for bridesmaids and mini daffodil button holes tied with twine for the men.  What about the bride?  the addition of a scented Rose, Muscari, and Eucalyptus along with the tulip especially if its a double, twice as many petals and quite beautiful.378.JPG

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